Dental Fillings & Extraction

Dental Cavities: Fillings versus Extraction

Dental fillings of cavities pereserve oral function and facial beauty.


The dental cavity is prepared with a dental handpiece. A shade of dental composite resin restorative material particularly used in Richmond Hill Dentistry is chosen to match the existing tooth. The tooth is then treated and cleaned with a special chemical. Layers of the liquid bond are placed between the tooth and the dental composite resin. The dental composite resin is then shaped cured (set) and polished. In this Richmond Hill dental practice, restoring the form, function, and aesthetics leaves the tooth ‘looking like new’. 

Dental Extractions

The last choice of treatment, as our primary aim is to prevent tooth loss and maintain dental health. However, sometimes this is unavoidable. When we extract a tooth we aim to preserve as much of the surrounding bone as possible to prevent unsightly healing, enabling a good aesthetic result when restoring the missing tooth.

Dentures / Partials

To replace missing teeth and associated soft/hard tissue Dentures and Partial Dentures can be used. Acrylic/chrome, partial and full dentures are options. These are removable. Advanced laboratory technology allows for these removable prosthetics to appear close to natural.

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